Monday, January 12, 2009

Truth In Advertising???

I just visited this website:

This was the picture they had posted for the pool at Blue Seas:

Now unless Blue Seas has done some pretty dramatic landscaping and have installed a significantly larger pool in the last week or so, these pictures are nothing like the pool you will actually find.

This Is What It Really Looks Like

Not quite the same, and this is a somewhat flattering view. That kind of horseshoe shaped thing at the end is the Jacuzzi that they advertise. There are some jets that, theoretically at least, could blow out streams of water. I have never actually seen it work though. When prospective timeshare purchasers ask about it they are told that it is just shut down for the day for maintenance.

To be honest, the above picture is the one from the actual Blue Seas website. The other is from a website that will book you rooms at the Blue Seas. They do say, however, that the accuracy of the pictures is the responsibility of the resort.

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