Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Owners?

It appears that Blue Seas is soon to be under new management. One Beach Street, LLC is now advertising a Puerto Vallarta presence, One Puerto Vallarta, and the pictures are, drum roll, please, those of the Blue Seas.

You can check this out at:


If the pictures are a bit ambiguous, certainly this isn't:


That Puerto Vallarta address is, indeed, the address of the former Playa del Sol and now what looks to be the former Blue Seas.

Rumors had been flying for a few weeks that Blue Seas has been sold or leased, but of course everything was supposed to be hush hush. There is an "owners" meeting March 30th where, supposedly, everything shall be revealed. One Beach Street's website kind of gave the game away, though.

Interestingly, fractional owners are not permitted to attend this meeting. Only full owners and, I guess, whoever they decide they want to attend will be allowed. The fractional owners will be represented by someone from Bancomer, which holds our trusts.

When I find out more, hopefully soon after the March 30th meeting, I will post whatever I have learned.

Never a dull moment here in lovely Puerto Vallarta.