Saturday, January 10, 2009

In The Spirit Of Fairness

Most of my comments on this blog have tended towards the negative, for a variety of reasons. Primarily is that over the years those of us who bought fractions at Playa del Sol have had certain things systematically changed on us, and not for the better.

First and foremost was the questionable changing of the by-laws to permit timeshares and timeshare sales on the premises. Secondly, not providing certain amenities that were promised to us, the Private Beach Club being one of them. And, of course, the changing of the name to Blue Seas and the repositioning as "Puerto Vallarta's newest and hottest gay resort."

But, to be fair, I did receive an email from someone who posted a comment on my previous blog. This individual spends time in both San Francisco and Puerto Vallarta and is the owner and publisher of a restaurant guide. He made the following observations:

I enjoy the Blue Seas. The open air bar seating is great, brisas and service. Inside is A/C, great when we partied in October. Have not dined there as they were still remodeling the old pirate into a full kitchen. Quite pretty a month ago.

I have my condo and no association with Blue Seas but have been treated so very well by the owners and managers that they gave me a lifetime member card.

So there you go. I look forward to getting down there at the end of the month and seeing for myself just what is going on.

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