Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer

This posting is on the internet at:

and was sent to me by a Blue Seas fractional owner. The fractional owners are not affected by this, but if you had purchased a timeshare at Playa del Sol you would have been.

How Blue Seas is trying to RIP OFF the Gay and Lesbian Community

Time shares were sold to the gay and Lesbian community starting in 2001 in Playa Del Sol, the original and legal name of the complex.

After 7 years those who bought were thrown out!

The seller formed a new company and sold the time share portion of the complex (about 50%) to a new company he and his wife now own.

He then threw out all of the people he had sold time shares to and is now selling that same space to you!

How long will it be until YOU are thrown out for a new group by another new corporation!

Don’t be fooled!

Stay away and save your money!


  1. Please fix your link. It's http:// not html://
    Otherwise, love your 1000 Bars blog.

  2. Thanks. I was in the process of changing it. I had to change it because someone hacked my blog and changed the original link to an advertisement for Blue Seas.