Monday, February 2, 2009

So Sad

After reading all of the hoopla about the new Beach Club, Bar, and Restaurant at Blue Seas I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. Well, I certainly didn't expect what I found. In the two days that I have been here I have seen absolutely no one in either the bar or restaurant other than timeshare salesmen and their perspective victims. I mean no one. I asked the bartender if they still had their weekly cabaret shows and he said no, that the bar and restaurant closed at 6:00 P.M.

Excuse me, you have a new and fairly fancy enclosed and air-conditioned restaurant and bar on the beach and you close before sunset? Does that make any sense at all? This place was set up to be a nightclub, not a casual place that you just wander into off of the beach, and they are closed for dinner?

Here are the pictures I took yesterday afternoon right about the time when everyone gathers to watch the beautiful sunsets that Puerto Vallarta is known for.

The Crowd On The Beach

People Sipping Cocktails On The Patio

Watching The Sunset From The Bar

Dinner At Sundown

Meanwhile, next door at the Blue Chairs, you know, the place Blue Seas was trying to somehow imitate, things were a bit livelier.

The Bar

The Beach

I don't know what happened at Blue Seas, but obviously people are staying away in droves. And this despite being a fairly fancy place, all glassed in, air-conditioned, and a dynamite location on the beach.

I have heard that there are flyers being distributed in many of the gay bars and clubs in Puerto Vallarta warning people away from Blue Seas. This seems to stem from people who were sold timeshares and told that they "owned" their time at the then Playa del Sol. Now that the ownership has changed they are being told that their time here is no good and they have to use it at the more distant Playa del Sol Grande out in Nuevo Vallarta. A lot of very unhappy people.

It seems Blue Seas has managed to offend everyone, fractional owners who, gay and straight, are boycotting the bar and restaurant, and the gay community to which they were trying to appeal.

Way to go.

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