Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pool Side

There have been a lot of pictures posted of the pool at Blue Seas, many of them of a different pool altogether. Here is an actual picture of the Blue Seas Pool taken just yesterday.

Blue Seas Pool

Although most of the advertisements for Blue Seas specify that there is a Jacuzzi, in reality this is what is in the pool.

Not A Jacuzzi

At one time there were jets of water that shot out and gave you a bit of a tingle. However, these have not worked for years. If you are told that they are just shut down for the day for maintenance, which I have heard timeshare people say, it is simply not true.

One improvement this year are new lounge chairs with cushions on the pool deck.

They Look Comfy

Of course, not all is good. They have added an extension behind and above the old Pirate Retaurant. Before you could kind of look through the open restaurant and see the beach. Now it is just solid white plaster. Also, they have added the actual sail on top of the restaurant which does a great job at blocking what was once a dynamite view. Before they just had the riggings so they didn't block the view.

The Remodeled Pirate Restaurant

It is this kind of stuff that just makes you scratch your head. Why, when a lovely view from the pool deck would be a great selling point, would you block it. And, of course, offend all of the current owners in the process.

By the way, the view from the pool itself isn't anything to write home about either.

Not Exactly An Infinity Pool

On the plus side, my unit had been well maintained. The walls had been freshly painted as had the railing on the small balconey. A new shower door and mirrors had been installed in the small, second bathroom and, maybe, in the large bathroom as well. I am not sure about that though because those weren't discolored like the other ones.

The slipcovers on the sofas had been washed and, I think, we have a different, if not a new, sofa. It doesn't seem to sag nearly as much. We also have a different television with a larger screen and it seems as though we have more channels available to us.

All and all I am still glad I own here. It is that just for the life of me I cannot understand why the owners continue to do things that seem to be counter-productive. And, just to be clear, I own a fraction via a bank trust which guarantees me the same unit for the same four week period each year. Between a good friend and me we own eight solid weeks here. People who purchased timeshares here have different stories altogether.

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